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SME Financing

Obtaining finance from financial institutions would definitely help SMEs to grow their businesses. In order to get approval on loan application, SME borrowers need to prepare annual financial statements and keep proper books and records as Banks look into the business performance of SME borrowers and assess their credit risks before granting loans.

Other than SME bank loans, invoice factoring, and trade finance such as letters of guarantee, letters of credit, trust receipt loans and bills of exchavnge, the Hong Kong SAR Government has also established the following funds / schemes / policies to meet the financing needs of SMEs in Hong Kong.

SME Export Marketing Fund (“EMF”)

EMF encourages SMEs to expand their markets outside Hong Kong by providing financial assistance to SMEs for participating in export promotion activities.

SME Development Fund (“SDF”)

SDF provides financial support to non-profit-distributing organizations to implement projects which enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong SMEs in general or in specific sectors.

SME Financing Guarantee Scheme

The scheme helps SMEs and non-listed enterprises obtain financing from participating lenders for meeting their working capital and business needs so as to enhance their productivity and competitiveness. The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation may also provide guarantee coverage of 50%, 60% or 70% to the approved facilities of eligible enterprises.

Trade Credit Insurance Policy

The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation was established in 1966 under the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation Ordinance (Cap. 1115). It encourages and supports export trade by providing Hong Kong exporters with trade credit insurance protection against non-payment risks arising from commercial and political events.